Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wharton Penn Key

I got my letter to set up my Penn Key yesterday. The Penn Key is basically your login authentication for Penn systems and is also your email ID. So I go to the site and input my setup code. The system gives me a list of letter combinations that I can choose for my key. Nice, except my name is apparently really common because my choices were all horrible!

I'll give you a hypothetical example. Say your name is Sarah O. Johnson. Your choices for your prestigious Wharton email ID would probably look like the following:
And that's it! You can't even try to make up one that maybe makes more sense. Seriously, who's going to remember that Sarah Johnson's email address is joso@wharton??

Ugh. I picked the best of the list but I still hate it. Consider yourself lucky if you have a unique name.

UPDATE: So, it seems the Penn key is NOT your Wharton email address. I stand corrected. Remains to be seen if choices for Wharton email address are better than Penn Key. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: I was right! Your Penn Key user ID is also your Wharton email ID. Hopefully we'll have the ability to create an alias or something, but I'm not holding my breath!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiny Dancer,

You sure about this? I thought the PennKey was just your supersecret login info and that your email address would be different. Don't most current students have their full last names in the wharton email addys?

If you're right, people will certainly get a kick out of the one I chose!

tinydancer said...

I hope you're right! I thought that's what it said but I may have read it wrong.

Anonymous said...

pennkey is your login, but when you choose the username that's your email address.

Anonymous said...

you were right! you were right! so painful to go through two years with such a strange moniker...