Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scholarship Search - Disappointing!

Other than my grant from Wharton, I have been completely unsuccessful in my scholarship search. You would think that there might be a lot of money out there for women pursuing an MBA, but I have not found anything to even apply to. Yes, there is the Forte Foundation fellowship, but your school nominates (or doesn't, in my case) you for that. There were a few others that I saw which had deadlines in December. Who knew you had to be applying for scholarships before you even knew if you got in (2008 applicants, take note!!).

It seems like there is a lot of money out there if you have critical financial need and/or are a minority demographic or international student, which should be good news for many of you. Just doesn't seem like there is much out there for my particular profile. Oh well. I wanted to have a smaller debt load, but I can handle it. Maybe in Year 2 I will find something!

P.S. If anyone knows of any scholarships I may have overlooked, please drop me a line!


Ms. May said...

I am so with you on the scholarship search - who knew about December deadlines!!!!! If you could forward any of the resources you found for minority students that would be great. My email is chicafricana@gmail.com. I've spent hours scouring the internet and did see this - http://scholarship.lifetips.com/cat/62499/scholarships-for-women/, so you may have as well. I emailed about the SBEMF scholarship and someone is supposed to get back to me. I think many of the other deadlines have passed. You're interested in finance, right? Just in case I find aything that may apply to you so I can pass it on. Good luck!

Kunal said...


I know the search really sucks and it is definitely hitting me hard. Could you send me the link for schols for internationals? I am an Indian and could do with anything that comes my way :)



Samantha said...

Fall 09 applicant here -- where did you even find the scholarships that you mentioned? Fastweb or something?