Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Brother Strikes Again!

My employer is pretty tight with restrictions on our computer systems. Besides the fact that we are woefully behind in technology (I have a 6-year-old laptop with Windows 2000 and Office 97. Yes 97! It's 11 years old!!), we are also severely restricted in the things that we can do on our computers. We pretty much can't install anything ourselves; it has to be requested from IT. No IM software is allowed whatsoever. They even block Google Talk!

And every social networking site you can think of is blocked. Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn. Youtube is blocked of course. And now as of today, the final straw - blogging sites are blocked!! I was so sad when I tried to log on today :( The reason the evil blocking page gives is the website may have "dangerous software." BOOO!!!

Yeah yeah, I probably shouldn't be blogging at work anyway, but this is ridiculous! I feel like I'm going to regress technologically and be lost when my classmates start talking about twittering or something (yes, twitter is also blocked).


The.Grey.One said...

Feel sad for ya. At work i keep the clearadmit page open (checking for any blog updates), and try to do alt-tab when someone from my team approaches :)
But still my proj manager was able to creep up behind and catch me red-handed a few times. But what the heck..he knows that i'm applying to bschools. But i'm finding it hard to keep my hands off blogs at work. The hardest to quit are the businessweek forums: The wide variety of topics keep me engrossed.

JulyDream said...

Your post is quite ironic. I just spent 30 min discussing blocked sites at work with some ladies I met at a new member happy hour. I work in a small office and therefore, I AM IT! It works well if I want to fuss on any site under the sun. ;)

Anonymous said...

TD, speaking of Big Brother......once you submitted all of the necessary info to Kroll (the company that does the background check), how long did it take for the results to be released back to you?

Anonymous said...

why dont you log into google talk wfrom the gmail page - dont think thats usually blocked (even my current client blocks everything, but Gtalk works on the gmail page)

and hey, its only some more days/weeks now :D

tinydancer said...

Nope, no dice on Google Talk. Not sure how but they block it and I get an error message saying it's not working properly!