Friday, March 21, 2008

My Plans for the Next Few Months

I've got a lot to get done the next 4 months before Preterm.
Shift Work-Life Balance: I'll be honest here - this has already happened. As soon as I knew I was heading to Wharton I started sticking to a 9-5 schedule, which almost no one in my department does. I'm committed to getting my work done, but I refuse to give this job any more of my free time than the standard 8-hour day now that my end-date is within site. For it's part, my employer has nearly stopped giving me anything remotely interesting or challenging to do. Instead, it feels like they tried to think of every awful and boring thing that they don't want to be stuck with when I leave to throw over my cubicle wall. Not that I blame them, but they can't blame me either for cruising out of here when the clock strikes 5!
The Great Unclutter Project: I have already discussed my purging plans. Things are going well on that front so far. I have filled 2 boxes with stuff to be donated, filled 1 trash bag, and filled 4 or 5 boxes of stuff to be sold on ebay or at a yard sale before we move. I fully admit that I've deemed some stuff keepable that really isn't. Baby steps ... I will get there eventually.
Reading: I really want to get in some good reading-for-pleasure before I switch over to all reading-for-school.
Developing Better Habits: I am hoping that if I get better at getting consistent habits of sleeping well, eating well, and getting enough exercise, it will be easier to keep it going (to a point) once the onslaught of B-school activity hits. I understand that I am dreaming here.
Shopping for Furniture: I've become obsessed lately with searching for affordable furniture designed for small living spaces. Although I have confidence in my ability to downsize appropriately (even if my husband doesn't), I know storage and the footprint of furniture pieces is always going to be an issue. The truth is, we've never lived in a place as small as the typical Center City one-bedroom, so it's going to be a challenge no matter what. But I am excited to find some cute stuff from Ikea, Container Store, etc to make it a little easier. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment.
ENJOY LIFE! I plan to hit the beach as soon as the weather gets warm and stay there as much as I can until preterm. I also plan to attend as many Phillies games as I can and drink plenty of beer!


Anonymous said...

any trips/plans for the summer?

Miss Curly Bee said...

I really envy you, that's a great position to be in. being able to enjoy life in the present & already have something to look forward to (and not just something.. it's Wharton!) great plan.. btw I am also planning to do something with my messy room & overflowing closet! :-) thank you for your very nice comments in my blog :-)

tinydancer said...

No trips for me! At least not right now. I don't really want to leave my husband all alone, plus I don't feel like it would be fair since we share money. ("Bye honey! I'm off to a really cool foreign country to spend our hard-earned cash while you slave away at your day job! And then I'm going to put us in monstrous debt when I get back!"). I do plan to take a month off and hang out at my parent's shore house for awhile (free is good!). I hope I'll be able to swing a b-school related trip while I'm in school, or if he ends up going later on, maybe we can travel together. I'd really rather travel with him anyway :)We'll see how it plays out.

ReachingForTheMBA said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, and just started my own a few days ago. My spouse will be accompanying me to B-school as well! Do you already live in the Philly area or will you be re-locating there?

ReachingForTheMBA said...

And congratulations on getting into Wharton!