Monday, March 3, 2008

For Fun - Movies You'll Make Your Kids Watch

I thought I'd take a break from the MBA-related topics and talk about something random I've been thinking about. Did anyone else's parents make them watch movies that they loved as a kid? My dad made me watch Ben Hur and Spartacus. All the buzz for the new Indiana Jones movie has got me thinking about the movies I loved as a kid and what I'd want my kids to watch (and really hope that they actually like, unlike me with my dad's movies). Here's my list:

Indiana Jones Trilogy +1
Star Wars (the original trilogy)
Back to the Future Trilogy
Karate Kid (1 & 2)
The Princess Bride

Can you tell I grew up in the 80's? What's your list?


Anonymous said...

In addition to yours how about:
Old School (with Will Ferrell)
rat race

what can I say I love comedies :-)

Jbon said...

I was thinking Rambo and a bunch of Woody Allen movies...j/k.

How about:
It's A Wonderful Life
Toy Story
A Christmas Story
Jurrasic Park
Home Alone
Jaws (to make them tough)
And my favorite - The Fugitive

Anonymous said...

Adventures in Babysitting and Troop Beverly Hills are my alltime favorite girly 80s movies