Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Check Mark Complete!

I finally finished the financial aid paperwork for Wharton last night. The form is used for both determining financial need for grants and for inputs to fellowship decisions. I am still reeling from the amount of information they asked for. It is far more than the FAFSA! I spent a lot of time adding up medical expenses for my husband and me for 2007 and then estimating for 2008. You have to estimate nearly all your financial numbers for 2008 which wasn't easy. I also had to call my mom and see if she remembered how much I received in scholarships for undergrad (11 years ago!) Somehow, she remembered. I certainly didn't. I'm surprised they didn't ask what I am planning to name my future children, when I expect them to be born, and how much I expect them to cost between birth and college.
I know I really shouldn't be complaining, because this part of the process is easy compared to the applications. And it's good that they are very thorough with this process to ensure that it's fair. I just didn't anticipate that it would require so much legwork to complete.
Now, time to write the essay! (No, I haven't started it yet).


Eight Schools said...

How bizarre is it that Dartmouth makes Round 2 applicants submit their financial aid applications in advance of receiving a decision?

Imagine sharing all of the information you shared with Wharton with a school you weren't even sure you'd get into.

Tayo said...

Hi .. first time here. Congrats on your Wharton admission. I'm R2 and had an alumnus interview yesterday. So the essay writing doesn't stop with the apps? *sigh*

tinydancer said...

Hi Tayo,
Yes, unfortunately the essay writing continues. This one really wasn't that bad though. It's just tough to start up with the writing again when you think you are done! Good luck - I hope to see you this Fall!

Anonymous said...

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