Thursday, June 19, 2008

BusinessWeek or The Economist??

I got a thingy in the mail today inviting me to use my American Airlines miles to subscribe to magazines. I don't have enough miles for a ticket, so I figure I should sign up for one mag just to keep my miles from expiring for a while. But if I'm going to do it, it's gotta be something useful.

Hence, my poll. Should I get BusinessWeek or The Economist? Which will be more useful in keeping me up-to-date on the business world while I'm working on my MBA?
Please vote in the poll on the right!

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Anonymous said...

If you can do both do so. But if you only have the miles for one then get the Economist. It is one of the last remaining truly impressive news weeklies left. Businessweek is not shabby but far too US centric given whats happening around the world.