Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 more Days

I only have three more days of work! You'd think that I'd be winding down and finishing up a few things here and there while I leisurely clean out my desk. You'd be wrong. In classic fashion, my company only started recruiting for my replacement a week ago, so of course there is no one for me to train and transition my work to. So I need to get all my open projects into a state where they can sit for awhile without anyone attending to them. Meanwhile, my managers are panicking and trying to unload more work on me, presumably so that they won't have to do it once I'm gone. It's getting stressful because I have less and less time left to get it all done. I'm so tired! I'm gonna go to bed early tonight to try to get some energy back.
Can't wait till Tuesday when I will be officially unemployed!


Kunal said...

I hear you!!

T minus 3 days is a great feeling.. I am on T minus 12 days :-)

enjoy the last few days....quitting on Tuesday is like the next best thing to quitting on a Monday :-P

hopefully Chicago GSB will not inundate me with work to do in my peace time ;-)

JulyDream said...

You're almost there!!! Unemployment is quite a strange thing. I love it and hate it all at once.