Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Point, Anonymous

Thank you anonymous commenter:

The 1st yr I spoke to said I shouldn't waive too many courses... otherwise
I wouldn't have any friends. probably cause the other 1Ys will be taking
core classes.

You are playing to one of my biggest irrational fears about business school - that I won't have any friends! I will add this to my list of arguments against waiving courses. And yes, you can sit next to me in statistics. But since we are both anonymous, this may be difficult logistically.

[Edited 2/11 to include key omitted word: "fears"]

1 comment:

Charu said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have a great blog here...along with two super admits W/K ..:)

My brief profile is Indian / 710 / WE: 6 years (2 years international exp) / 2-3 years of non-profit wrk .i wont prb stand a chance at W or K, i ll try my best this yr though..

Will keep in touch... All the best to you at Wharton !!