Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things to do to distract myself until Wharton decision date …

- Finish reading Getting Things Done
- Attack pile of hand-wash only clothes in closet. For that matter, attack needs-to-be-ironed pile and laundry mountain.
- Socialize (it is the holiday season after all!)
- Brave mall to finish Christmas shopping (gulp)
- Wrap presents
- Go through huge pile of catalogs that I can't afford to order from now that I have to prepare for the student lifestyle but that have lots of fun things that I'd love to order
- Go through huge pile of mail and other paperwork and file it
- Watch all Planet Earth episodes on DVR that I didn't have time to watch because I was busy with applications
- Begin actually using that Netflix subscription

Hmmmm … I have a lot of piled up tasks (literally) that I neglected while I was busy applying to business schools. I think this is probably too much for one week, but maybe that is a good thing!

1 comment:

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