Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Cat's Out of the Bag

So we had an "end of the year review" tonight (read: holiday party masquarading as a meeting so as to be able to spend money from the company budget). My boss's boss came up to me and said "So I hear you are applying to grad schools. Where did you apply?". GULP! I tried to play it cool, but I'd just drank a large glass of wine and I'm sure I looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar! [My boss knows of my plans and wrote recommendations for me, but I had the impression he had not told anyone else.]

Anyway I couldn't lie ... he was going to find out anyway. Unfortunately, when I told him, he looked surprised. Oops. He probably knew about how I was planning to apply to part-time programs, but that information is several months old. He was nice about it and told me about the guy who'd had my job before me and went to Kellogg. Then he asked if I'd heard from either school yet. I said no. I haven't even told my boss I got into Kellogg yet. End of year ratings and raises are coming out soon. I'm sure nothing would change if they knew I was leaving for sure, but I still feel like I need to hold on to the information for a little bit longer. He said they would fully support me and that if I got in, they would try to hook me up with an internship or full time position. So, no harm done I suppose.

Ugh, but it was so awkward!


mbabound said...

I had a similar experience with my company's CEO knowing about my MBA plans. However, when I heard from Kellogg, I didn't have as much restraint as you. I texted my (former) boss/recommender immediately. Our review period isn't until March though...I can't hold out that long!

Power Leveler said...

AWKWARD! I had the same experience with our company president, with whom interaction is awkward at the best of times. Pretty much exactly the same situation down to him having old info about part-time programs. Definitely ugh.

Good luck with your upcoming decisions!

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