Saturday, August 2, 2008

What are Wharton People Like?

I feel like now that I've been here for a week+, I should comment on some of the things I've read about Wharton in the past.  I guess every school has a reputation for what it's like, based on truth or perhaps not.  I think a lot of what is said about a school can be true to some extent, but there's always more to it when you look closer.  For instance, Wharton is known for being a Finance school.  For sure, it is excellent in that area.  But I feel like people decide not to apply there because they are not interested in Finance, and I think that's a shame.  Wharton is so good at so many things, it's just that Finance tends to overshadow the rest and people don't hear about it.   But I think "the rest" is actually still worthy of the Top 3 designation.   I have zero interest in Finance, other than the necessity of learning what I need to know to be a good businessperson, yet I feel that there is no better school for me than Wharton.  
Another thing that perplexes me is the tendency for people to say that Wharton people are a certain way.  We are supposedly all "quant jocks"  ... that is news to me judging by how many of us seem to be thoroughly confused by logarithms in our basic math class, but I digress.  Also many of us are supposed to be super-competitive ... I'm also scratching my head on that one since the vast majority of students favor grade nondisclosure because they don't want to be competing with their classmates for grades.  Oh, and many of us are a-holes.  Seriously, I must be at the wrong Wharton.  Yeah, anywhere you go, there will be some crappy people.  But I am just not feeling an a-hole vibe here AT ALL.  Everyone I've met is incredibly nice, rather humble, and eager to learn about their classmates.  I have never felt that anyone was "sizing me up," as I read on a BW post.  More often people are too busy commenting that they don't know how they got in with all the incredible students here.  
I'm not trying to be a cheerleader for Wharton in this post.  I just feel that I need to counter some of the stuff out there that might discourage some people from applying.  If you have heard any of the above things about Wharton and you were turned off, I encourage you to take another look.  Come visit us.  See what our culture and students are really like.  Do the same for other schools.  I think there is much more to all of them than what you might expect.


D. G. said...

I visited Wharton in April and found that *humble* and *mature* are the words that best described the students there. Hell, the only downside to the school seemed to be that baron wasteland between the campus and centre city (or whatever it's called). :-O

chandara said...

Thank you for demystifying the rumors with your candid post. Very helpful, indeed! Hope you rock 1st semester when that comes around!

Anonymous said...

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