Friday, July 18, 2008

So It Begins

I can't believe it. Pre-Term arrives in a little over a week. People are already in town and planning get-togethers. It's a little strange to think about starting school in July. Friends and family keep asking me "When do you start?" and literally every time I tell them, the response is "So soon?" What can I say, Wharton is a little thorough about preparing us to start the program. I'm kinda glad. I'm paying a lot of freakin money for this degree. I want it to be a rigorous program! I'm not sure that I'll have the same sentiment as I sit down to the math test in August (readers attending other schools just thought "Math test?!?!" Yes. Math test.) But I'm not worried about the Math Test (well not TOO worried). There is a class that's meant to prepare me for it. I'm more worried about adjusting to the academics in general. I simply have not studied for anything other than the GMAT in 7 years. I think I forgot how.


earlybird said...

hello! long time blog reader, first time poster. :-) I just wanted to say I am very jealous of your Wharton adventures. I'm applying round one to Lauder this fall and I wish I could be in your shoes!

any advice that you wish you'd knew when this whole process started?

DJF said...

Similar to earlybird, i too am a long time reader and first time poster. I just wanted to wish you all the best for your adventures. Keep blogging!

Ameya said...

Wish you a super start... Its almost time that the adventures began.