Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Excuses, Excuses ....

I know I promised a continuation of my "Why Wharton" post, and I still intend to do one! But the universe was conspiring against me, or at least against my blog ;)
First I got a horrible cold that knocked me out for several days. Even though I was home from work, I just didn't have it in me to put together a thoughtful post. Then, the wireless card on one of our computers went kaput. Hubby has been working very hard on his GMAT studying, which means he needed to use the one computer that did have wireless and that I was out of luck for internet access. Finally, we have procured a new wireless card and I am back online! But, it is getting late so "Why Wharton Part II" will have to wait for another day or two ... sorry!

The reason I have to get to bed early is I have a meeting with The Bob's in the morning. Yep, my company has hired a Top Management Consulting Firm to "find" some money for us, which means we have to go in and convince them not to put our names on any lists. I'm not too worried, but I should get some sleep and actually get to work on time (which I admit has been a challenge lately with the winter duldroms in full force). I wonder, should I ask them if any of them went to Wharton? Haha.

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